What Are Online Casino Security Measures


Both skill and luck based online gambling games are more popular than ever, and poker players and fans of other games are now presented with an increasing selection of iGaming operators. Today’s online poker rooms and online casinos use all sorts of security protocols designed to keep users safe from nefarious entities or activities. Let’s dive deeper into the security tech in iGaming:

Why Data Safety Is Important at Online Casinos

As we already mentioned, online casinos have skyrocketed in popularity, and since the activity involves financial transactions, it is crucial for players to only stick with reputable operators that employ advanced security measures. Poker enthusiasts and punters can be happy to learn that gambling operators went from being loosely regulated entities to becoming credible businesses that are controlled by strict authoritative bodies that ensure data safety and game fairness.

It is clear to see, the leading online casino platforms are aware of the importance of maximizing both security and customer satisfaction by offering a variety of options for playing. For example, Borgata Poker and SkyCity online casino are one such operators with actual brick-and-mortar counterparts, further cementing their credibility and reliability. This provides the right safe environment for seasoned players to indulge in their favorite games whether they wish to play from the comfort of their home or at a live casino. Poker guides by SkyCity are there to provide novices a chance to familiarize themselves with the game as well as provide many other useful tips.

What Security Measures Online Casinos Use

Online casino security is one of the leading concerns in the industry. Here’s a list of safety measures and technologies that all top-notch iGaming operators have in place:

Cutting-Edge Encryption

Encryption is one of the most critical online casino security measures that ensure the safety of sensitive user information such as passwords and credit card details. This type of technology scrambles all the data exchanged between the servers of the casino and the device used by the player, making it unreadable to any third party attempting to access the information and misuse it. Encryption usually involves the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols which are both designed to provide secure communication processes on the web.

Secure Payment Methods

The best online casinos only partner with secure payment gateways to protect their members’ financial information. Payment gateways are online platforms that simplify safe money transfers between players and online gambling sites. Such providers are subject to rigorous regulatory and compliance requirements, which is a strict protocol that guarantees that they adhere to all the best security practices that are an industry standard. 

By doing business with such payment gateways, online gambling operators provide poker enthusiasts and other gamblers with safe and convenient payment methods. they can use both for deposits and withdrawals, without the risk of having their financial data tampered with.

Two-Factor Authentication

You don’t want to even imagine a scenario where you’ve won big, request a withdrawal and then some hacker brute-forces your password & plays all your balance away! This is where 2FA comes into play. The majority of modern gambling sites also use two-factor authentication as an additional layer of online casino security. 

In practice, this means that as a user, you will receive a one-time code via phone or email during the log-in process after having entered your password. This extra step significantly increases the safety of user accounts and gives the punters peace of mind both during and after their playing. 

Game Fairness Solutions

Understanding that your data is safe is one thing, but knowing that you’ll be enjoying fair gaming conditions at all times is a non-negotiable. It’s truly a factor that can make or break your favorite experience of playing poker, slots, or any other game. That is why licensed and reputable iGaming operators use certified RNGs (Random Number Generators). They are sophisticated algorithms that create very close to random number sequences that make all game sessions fully unpredictable. By using an RNG, any casino or poker operator can prove to their customers that each poker hand or spin of the wheel is random.

Fraud Detection Systems

Fraud detection and prevention systems are another staple of advanced casino security measures. As such, they protect users from malicious activities like credit card fraud, identity theft, and others. Such systems employ machine learning and advanced algorithms to analyze user behavior and then detect suspicious activities and other anomalies. By doing so, the systems can flag potential issues before they can cause serious problems. 

Launching a game of online poker or a staple casino game like blackjack might feel a bit risky when you’re trying out a new platform. If you stick with operators that employ the advanced security measures listed above, you have much better chances to stay safe. 

Can I play online slots on a public network?

Playing online slots on public Wi-Fi is possible but risky. If you choose to play on a public network, ensure you use a reputable VPN for an added layer of security and only play on trustworthy, secure websites with proper encryption (look for “https” in the web address and a padlock icon). Always keep your personal and financial information safe when gaming online.

Online Casino LicensesOnline Casino Licenses

What is Required From Casinos to Get Their Licenses?

Secure online casinos have their licensing process and required information listed in publicly available documents by their regulatory body. There are many aspects that the regulatory authorities go through when deciding whether to approve or decline an online casino license – here’s a list of key areas they consider important:

Software auditSystems auditBackground checks on principalsSolvency checks on having enough capital to run the operation and make payouts to players

What is eCOGRA?

eCOGRA is an independent authority for the online gaming industry, ensuring fair play, player protection, and responsible operator conduct. Established in 2003 in the UK, it certifies online gaming software and systems. Casinos with an eCOGRA seal meet rigorous standards for player safety and game fairness. In short, their mission is to make sure that:

Games are fair and match their RTP percentagesThe casino operates honestly and behaves responsiblyPlayers are protected and monetary deposits are safe & kept in separate banking accounts

How safe is it to deposit money at an online casino?

Depositing money at an online casino is safe when you use licensed sites with SSL encryption. However, unregulated sites may lack data protection and can be unfair or fail to pay out winnings – these kinds of rogue casinos are definitely not safe for your deposits! Always verify the casino’s credibility, license, and use trusted payment methods before making a deposit.

Author: Justin Watson