Phenom Poker: The Future of Online Poker

Phenom Poker: The Future of Online Poker

Living up to its mission of being community-owned,50% of all the rake is distributed to token holders as a dividend, making Phenom Tokens an income-producing asset, which can appreciate in value as the site grows.

Plus, the other 50% are owned by the founders, investors, and ambassadors, all of whom are players too and share the same interests and values as the community

While your Phenom tokens can be redeemed at any time for cash (in the form of USDT) from the treasury,Phenom tokens cannot be purchased. They must be earned.

The time to earn is now.

Phenom is offering incredibly lucrative signup bonuses to “agents”, or people who onboard users to Phenom.

In addition to receiving 10% of the rakeback of every player an “agent” onboards, paid in cash (USDT), agents also receive 100 tokens for each player. The player they sign up also receives the 100 tokens, making this an easy win-win.

In addition, agents receive bonus tokens for hitting milestones 

50 New Users – 4,000 bonus token
100 New Users – 8,000 bonus token
250 New Users – 20,000 bonus token
500 New Users – 40,000 bonus token

Bonuses are cumulative, so for example an agent signs up 100 new users, they receive 12,000 total bonus tokens, in addition to the 10,000 base rate tokens (100 per player) for a total of 22,000 tokens.

Note: This is exclusively a prelaunch promotion, and the bonuses only apply to people who are onboarded within 60 days of launch. (Tentative launch is May 2024). Players must generate $100 in rake to qualify

Author: Justin Watson