How to Crush Nits and Move Up in Stakes

How to Crush Nits and Move Up in Stakes

Below Are Essential Tips On How To Crush Nits:

Expanding Preflop Range

Since nits only play a narrow range of hands, expanding your preflop range is a good way of exploiting their tightness.

In late positions, such as the button, or cut-off, open your range slightly wider than usual. 

However, it’s crucial not to go overboard; a 5-10% increase is recommended. 


Barreling, or aggressive betting through multiple streets, is another effective strategy against nits.

Since nits aim for showdowns with strong hands, applying pressure when you think they have a modest holding can force them to fold weaker hands. 

It is where using Alec’s Hand Reading System comes in handy. It enhances the ability to assess the probability of a nit hand progressing with various hands through the streets, helping determine the ideal frequency for employing barrels. 

Avoid Paying Them Off

One of the cardinal rules when facing nits is to avoid paying them off.

Nits rarely make aggressive moves without a strong hand, so players should exercise caution when faced with check raises or massive bets. 

Folding even seemingly strong hands becomes a viable option to avoid falling into the trap of a nit’s strong holdings.

Value Betting

Adjust your value betting strategy by being more selective.

Nits are less likely to call with marginal hands, so tighten your range to include stronger holdings. 

Avoid value betting thinly, as nits won’t call as frequently with worse hands, preventing you from maximizing profits.


Nits often make folding mistakes on the river, especially with second and third pairs. Exploit this by incorporating bluffs into your strategy. 

Bluffing becomes more profitable against nits, allowing you to apply aggression confidently.

Author: Justin Watson